MA, Mass Communication (Interdisciplinary Health Communication), Public Health Specialization, Roy H. Park Fellow, UNC-Chapel Hill
BA, English, North Carolina State University
BS, Biology, North Carolina State University

Katie is interested in the media’s effects on an individual’s health behavior, how media can be used to affect adoption of health policies, and public health non-profit branding. At UNC, she has worked on a grant-funded social marketing campaign to increase HPV vaccine uptake for pre-teen boys. She has worked as a media assistant at NC Prevention Partners where she has written press releases, maintained the organization’s web presence, and performed a communication audit. Prior to coming to UNC, Katie worked at the U.S. EPA on air pollution reports that evaluate and synthesize policy-relevant science and first-authored a literature review titled “Susceptibility of Older Adults to Health Effects Induced by Ambient Air Pollutants Regulated by the European Union and the United States” that will be published in December 2012 in the journal Age and Aging. She credits her work at the EPA with helping her realize her desire to pursue a career that improves public health.

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