Associate Professor
Chief of the Division of General Internal Medicine, UNC-Chapel Hill
Director, UNC Center for Excellence in Chronic Illness Care
Director, Medical Practice and Prevention Research, Sheps Center for Health Services Research
MD, University of California-San Francisco
MPH, UNC-Chapel Hill

Dr. Pignone’s research is focused on chronic disease prevention and treatment, as well on physician-patient communication and decision making in primary care settings. His main areas of interest include heart disease prevention, colorectal cancer screening, and disease management for common chronic illnesses such as diabetes, depression, heart failure, and chronic pain. He has conducted research examining the role of literacy in physician-patient communication and its effect on health outcomes, including racial/ethnic disparities, in patients with chronic illnesses. He has developed and tested interventions to mitigate literacy-related disparities and to improve the use of appropriate preventive services. His current research focuses on the development, testing, and dissemination of patient-directed decision aids to improve clinical decision making for a range of health issues, including colon cancer screening and heart disease prevention.

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