IN4Kids Registered Dietitian
East Carolina University, Greenville, NC
MPH Nutrition, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill School of Public Health, 2008

Andrea Nikolai works as a Registered Dietitian in two pediatric practices in eastern North Carolina as part of a study to determine the cost effectiveness and outcome impact of registered dietitians in private pediatric practices.  Her work involves communicating nutrition to overweight children and their families to help improve their health behaviors.  She is interested in nutrition communication messages and strategies and how they affect decision making.  Her overall goals involve promoting healthy behavior and nutritious food choices to help establish an environment and knowledge base in others that increases the ease of making healthy choices. In addition to her current position, Andrea has worked in a variety of venues of health communication, including the Physical Activity and Nutrition Branch at the NC Division of Public Health; Southern Progress Corporation, (a Division of Time Inc. that produces magazines such as Cooking Light, Health, and Southern Living); and the Rice Diet Store.

“The IHC program has taught me things I can use on a daily basis to communicate health to others and has given me insight and understanding on how various channels can influence behavior.  Glad I was able to be involved in the program!”

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