Beginning as a class project in Dr. Jane Brown’s graduate seminar on Health Communication, doctoral students Sheetal Patel and Autumn Shafer have designed a health communication campaign that being implemented in two of the nation’s leading eating disorder treatment centers.  This project has given the students the opportunity to engage in interdisciplinary research with Dr. Cynthia Bulik, Director UNC-Chapel Hill Eating Disorders Program, and Dr. Nancy Zucker, Director of Duke Eating Disorders Program.  The goal is to create a campaign that motivates parents of children with eating disorders to engage in coping activities that will help relieve caregiver stress.

Recognizing that parents do a lot to help their child recover from an eating disorder, and that over time the stress can take a great toll on their physical and mental health, the UNC Eating Disorders Program and the Duke Center for Eating Disorders are supporting parents with a new project called Caring for Yourself is Caring for Your Child.

Dr. Cynthia Bulik, UNC, and Dr. Nancy Zucker, Duke, through the Caring for Yourself is Caring for Your Child project, are hoping to support parents by letting them know self-care will help parents feel more confident, supported, and energized, which will ultimately enhance their ability to participate in their child’s recovery.

The project includes a website that provides parents with the tools to take care of themselves during their child’s recovery process. Parents are encouraged to visit the project’s website for resources and examples of self-care that clinicians and parents have found helpful.

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