35th Annual Minority Health Conference: “Innovative Approaches to Youth Health: Engaging Youth in Creating Healthy Communities”

This year’s Minority Health Conference hosted a range of engaging and knowledgeable speakers.  Dr. Gail C. Christopher, vice president for program strategy at W.K. Kellogg Foundation, delivered the keynote speech.  Dr. Christopher’s talk focused on how structural racism (policies and practices that perpetuate racial inequalities) affects youth health.  One initiative Dr. Christopher discussed is called, “My Brother’s Keeper,” which has only recently been announced by President Obama.  This initiative focuses on corporate and community partnerships to address the issues faced by young black men.  “The belief in racial inequity has to be uprooted,” said Christopher.

Central to Dr. Christopher’s presentation was the idea that youth hold the power to create social change and that we need to focus on the positives by “focus[ing] on what you are for, not against,” and “believ[ing]in yourself, appreciate[ing], what you have, and work[ing] on these two tasks daily.”

To watch the podcast of Dr. Christopher’s keynote speech, please click here.

For a detailed list of speakers and the 35th annual Minority Health Conference Agenda, please click here.

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