Later this week, faculty and graduate students from the School of Media and Journalism will proudly join over 2,000 fellow journalists, educators, administrators, and researchers for the 2016 Conference of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, held this year in Minneapolis.

Congratulations to all of the IHC participants, whose contributions to the Conference are listed briefly below:

Alison Lazard–will present “Using Visual Metaphors in Health Messages: A Strategy to Increase Effectiveness for Mental Illness Communication”

Seoyeon Kim–will present “The International News Hole: Still Shrinking and Linking? 25 Years of New York Times Foreign News Coverage”

Diane Francis and Jeannette Porter — will present “The Effects of Sexually Provocative Programming: A Preliminary Study about the Effects of Sexually Provocative Programming and Sexual Risk and Responsibility”

Maria Leonora Comello— will present “Stymied by a Wealth of Health Information: How Viewing Conflicting Information Online Diminishes Efficacy”

Kyla Garrett and Seth Noar— will present “Sources of Information About Emergency Contraception: Associations with Women’s Knowledge and Intentions to Use”


Wishing them all safe travels, and happy presenting!

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