nori comelloDr. Nori Comello, Associate Professor and IHC faculty member at the School of Media and Journalism, studies the roles of media and identity in health contexts.  We offer hearty congratulations to her and her IHC-affiliated co-authors for recent work published or forthcoming in Games for Health Journal, Health Marketing Quarterly, and the Journal of Medical Internet Research.  Shout out to IHC alumni (Dr. Diane Francis, Dr. Jessica Myrick, and Xiaokun Qian) and current IHC students (Laura Marshall and Deanna Puglia) for their contributions to these studies!

Comello, M. L. G., Francis, D., Marshall, L. H., & Puglia, D. (2016).  Cancer survivors who play recreational computer games: Motivations for playing and associations with beneficial psychological outcomes.  Games for Health Journal (special issue on mental health).  5(4), 286-292.

Comello, M. L. G., Myrick, J. G., & Raphiou, A. L.  (2016).  A health fundraising experiment using the foot-in-the-door technique.  Health Marketing Quarterly.  Online ahead of print:

Comello, M. L. G., Qian, X., Deal, A. M., Ribisl, K. M., Linnan, L. A., & Tate, D. F.  (accepted). Impact of game-inspired infographics on user engagement and information processing in an ehealth program.  Journal of Medical Internet Research.

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