*Please note that these courses are exemplary, and may not be offered each semester. Refer to ConnectCarolina and/or Departmental sites for the most up-do-date offered courses*

MEJO 560 Medical Journalism (HBEH 660, HPM 550) (3 credits) (Fall) Prepares students to work as medical journalists for a variety of media, including print, broadcast, and the Internet. The course emphasizes writing skills and interpreting medical information for consumers. (Linden)

MEJO 561 Medical Reporting for the Electronic Media (HBEH 661, HPM 551) (3 credits) (Spring) Conceiving, scripting, reporting, producing, and editing medical stories for electronic media, especially television. Students work in teams to produce projects for professional media outlets. (Linden)

MEJO 562 Science Documentary Television (HBEH 662, HPM 552) (3 credits) (Fall) Television students learn skills needed to produce a science documentary for broadcast on television, including research and script writing. (Linden)

MEJO 564 Advanced medical reporting (3 credits) (Spring) Prerequisites, JOMC 153 and another reporting or writing course. Focuses on developing strategies to research and write about medical issues, specifically selecting topics, finding and evaluating sources and information gathering. Students produce a range of stories, from short consumer pieces to in-depth articles. (Yopp)