What degree would I receive in a master’s in interdisciplinary health communication (IHC)?
You would earn a Master of Arts in Mass Communication (Interdisciplinary Health Communication). It is one of three tracks offered in the M.A. program by UNC’s School of Media and Journalism.
How do I apply for the MA IHC program?
For information about admission to the master’s program, visit School of Media and Journalism Admissions.
How do I indicate I want to apply for the IHC track?
In the online application for the M.A. in Mass Communication, you will see a drop-down box to note your track preference.
Are there any special admission requirements for the IHC track that are different from the professional or mass communication track?
There are no special admission requirements for students in the IHC track.
Are students in the IHC track eligible for the same financial aid packages as students in the other two tracks?
Students in the IHC track are eligible for the same graduate fellowships offered by the school to MA students.
How is the M.A. different from the IHC Certificate program?
The IHC Certificate program is offered to current UNC students pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree. They take eleven credits in IHC courses to complement their graduate degree program.
What is the difference between the IHC master’s track and the medical & science journalism specialization under the professional MA?
The electives in medical & science journalism under the IHC master’s track provide a basic introduction while the medical & science journalism specialization under the professional MA is designed to prepare students for careers in journalism.