To what extent will requirements for the Certificate program overlap with requirements for master's or doctoral degrees?
Nine credits are required to complete the Certificate. Only one of the two 3-credit courses required can fulfill a graduate degree requirement. If your departmental degree requirements include a master’s thesis, master’s paper, or equivalent, or dissertation, this requirement should focus on a health communication issue, problem, or concern, broadly defined. You will work with your school’s representative on the IHC Certificate Committee to ensure that your paper or project’s health communication focus is acceptable.
How does the Certificate differ from a minor or area of concentration?
The minors or areas of concentration in the four schools address broader fields of interest and reside within their schools. The Certificate provides formal recognition of interdisciplinary health communication study that supplements the graduate degree program.
Will the Certificate program be offered on campus or as a distance learning program?
At this time, the Certificate will be offered only on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus to degree-seeking part time or full time residential graduate students.
Who can enroll in the Certificate?
Degree-seeking UNC-Chapel Hill graduate students from any department are welcome to enroll in the Certificate.
What are some benefits of the Certificate?
The Certificate is inherently interdisciplinary and will demonstrate your focus on health communication. Such a focus and documentation of your interest and education in this area can open new job opportunities for you and new teaching and research opportunities for you and your faculty advisor.
How will anyone know that I completed the Certificate?
Successful completion of the Certificate will be noted on your graduate school transcript.
Are there fellowships for the Certificate program?
At this time, the Certificate program does not offer fellowships for graduate students.
My graduate program course load does not give me enough flexibility to complete the requirements for the Certificate. Are there any options for independent study or other courses?
Options to complete the certificate program should be reviewed with your advisors and approved by the IHC Certificate Committee.
How can I find out more about the discipline of health communication?
Who do I contact with other questions?
Please e-mail us at or contact one of the members of the IHC Certificate Committee.