Interdisciplinary Health Communication

Health communication is a potent tool for improving the public’s health. To be most effective, health communication builds on expertise from many disciplines. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) has leading programs in media and journalism, public health, information and library science, psychology and allied fields that are working together to build a new science of health communication. The Interdisciplinary Health Communication (IHC) initiative at UNC fosters synergy among these disciplines that makes this a unique place to conduct research and receive graduate training in health communication.

The IHC master’s track provides graduate study in communicating with diverse audiences about health issues through traditional as well as electronic forms of media.

Our Certificate in Interdisciplinary Health Communication provides current degree-seeking residential UNC graduate students with specialized training in health communication. Courses are designed to build expertise for applied practice, academic and research settings.

The Upstream blog is managed year around by students in the IHC programs. The goal of Upstream is to encourage dialogue and debate on health communication. Check it out to the right on this page!

IHC sponsors a series of colloquia for students and faculty to discuss emerging research issues. Speakers come from UNC and from other universities and organizations.

IHC faculty represent a half dozen disciplines and provide a deeply interdisciplinary perspective on the study of health communication. They conduct research on e-health, message tailoring, risk communication, health decision making, dissemination, media effects, psychological processes, usability of electronic medical information and health marketing.

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